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World Cup fever now firmly has this nation (well, England anyway) in an iron grip and it isn't letting go.

After England beat Sweden 2-0 in the World Cup quarter-final, huge celebrations broke out across the country.

While these were mostly of a good nature there are always, unfortunately, a few who are intent on ruining it for everyone else.

Although many would consider it only 'banter', it's hard to see what's 'fun' about trashing a furniture store or smashing up an ambulance.

Of course, the hot weather, alcohol and the delirium of England reaching a World Cup semi-final is a major factor in these incidents, but they are still completely inexcusable.

Yet the most bizarre and downright stupid example of football fandom from the weekend arguably occurred in Dorset.

On Sunday, the Dorset Police Dogs Twitter account posted a tweet saying how much they enjoyed meeting the many England fans, barring the ones who decided to shout at their dogs for being of German descent.

Honestly, we despair for people sometimes. England didn't even beat Germany on Saturday, and the Germans had been knocked out in the group stages.

'Still, it's nothing like getting one over on the German's again, aye?' Give us a break.

It seems like a lot of other people didn't see the funny side of mocking an animal, either.

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