While Colombian fans were left devastated after losing to England on penalties in the 2018 World Cup, this solitary England fan didn't make their shootout defeat any easier.

The brave England fan was in a Moscow bar dominated by Colombia supporters, but this didn't stifle his celebrations at all.

The England team made it through the World Cup quarter-finals after a monstrously nerve-wracking penalty shootout against Colombia - and this fan really made his presence felt.

The win sent England into a rapturous frenzy of celebration not just in Moscow, but across the globe.

None more so than this individual fan, who is seen in the video among a sea of yellow-clad Colombian supporters.

In the face of his excruciatingly brazen cheers, Colombian fans chanted in defiance at the lone fan.

The video shows the man begin to strip, true to your typical English football-fan caricature, which really riled up the defeated fans further.

In an not-at-all-shocking turn of events, the Colombian fans didn't seem to share his levity and excitement.

This is the first time in World Cup history that England have won a penalty shootout ever. This may make his excitement a little more justified?

England now go on to play Sweden on Saturday 7 July, I wonder what this fella will be getting up to if we win this game?

It IS coming home after all...

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