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You may have seen on social media this week that the British supermarket chain Morrisons has released a mind-blowing food creation.

Imagine a huge Yorkshire pudding but it is filled with cheese, tomato sauce and slices of pepperoni and ta-dah! You have yourself a Yorkshire pudding pizza.

Initially, this hybrid of two types of food that should never mix sounds like an abomination - but when you actually think about it, the meal sounds kind of great.

All the dense cheese and flavour but without a thick crust or base. It sounds like heaven.

News of the pizza, which was launched on Saturday, quickly went viral on social media.

People were kind of grossed out.

Eventually, people started to come round to the idea and now everyone wants to try one.

Some people have already purchased one.

Unfortunately, early reviews haven't been too positive.

As it stands only a pepperoni and meat feast option are available to the public and it will set you back £3.

Be quick though, it is only available in 491 Morrisons stores and only until February 20.

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