Young white men are the most negatively regarded demographic in the UK, a new survey has revealed.

YouGov surveyed 48 different demographics for Prospect Magazine, in 48 separate surveys to avoid respondents giving politically correct answers by comparing the groups.

The polling company asked respondents how likely it was that a group possessed five positive and five negative traits.

The positive traits were intelligence, honesty, politeness, likelihood to work hard and likelihood to help others.

The negative traits were proneness to violence, likelihood to travel without a ticket, likeliness to take drugs, drunkenness and likelihood to have many sexual partners.

White men in their 20s scored worst in perceptions of drunkenness, having multiple sexual partners, hard work and politeness, also scoring joint worst for being prone to drug taking with young black Caribbean men.

The top ten most poorly regarded were as follows:

Notably, men formed seven of the top ten worst regarded demographics overall, and people in their 20s accounted for six of the top ten.

What a difference forty years makes. White men in their 60s were the highest regarded demographic of all.

Women formed seven of the top ten highest regarded demographics, while only one group in their 20s made the top ten.

The highest regarded demographic for each surveyed category, were as follows:

  • Most intelligent: White woman in her 60s
  • Most honest: White woman in her 60s
  • Most hardworking: Muslim woman in her 60s
  • Most polite: White woman in her 60s
  • Most likely to help others: White woman in her 60s
  • Least likely to be violent: White woman in her 60s
  • Least likely to travel without buying a ticket: White woman in her 40s
  • Least likely to take drugs: White man in his 60s
  • Least likely to have many sexual partners: Muslim woman in her 60s
  • Least likely to get drunk frequently: Muslim woman in her 60s
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