Your new favourite teacher bans banter from his classroom

Teacher Mike Stuchbery has banned the term "banter" from his classroom as he believes it covers up "hatefulness".

In a blog for the Times Educational Supplement, he explains that the word has become a "catch-all term for any sort of off colour or inappropriate behaviour".

Banter is also loathsome because it shifts the blame in any situation to the victim. It is classic victim-blaming. “It’s just banter” makes it seem as if the problem rests with the person who has suffered the insult. The kid on the receiving end is further marginalised because they don’t get it; they’re not part of the joke.

He explains rather than allowing use of the term to continue, he will begin to ask students using it to justify what they mean and to make sure there are "no escape clauses". "I’m not going to let a cheeky little spiv of a word cover up any more hatefulness," he adds.

Stuchbery is originally from Australia and now teaches English and History in Great Yarmouth.

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