This YouTuber filmed himself kissing women without their consent and people are understandably furious

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Friday 13 January 2017 13:30

YouTuber Sumit Verma, who films pranks on members of the public for his channel Crazy Summit, got himself in hot water with his most recent video.

It shows the Delhi-based 'prankster' walking up to women in public places, kissing them and running away.

The video, titled ‘Funniest Indian YouTube Prank of 2017’, was heavily criticised because the women in the video did not appear to have given their consent. In other cases, he threw whipped creme in the face of those with the women, before kissing them and fleeing.

People took to Twitter to protest – it wasn’t a joke, they said: It was 'molestation'.

After he took the video down from his YouTube channel - with over 150,000 subscribers - he apologised: “I’m really sorry”.

The chairperson for the Delhi Commission for Women called it a “perversion” and encouraged the police to look into the matter.

And she wasn’t the only one, people began calling for his arrest

The video received such wide-spread criticism, the Delhi police are investigating the video. They encourage “his victims” to come forward to file a complaint.

A police spokesperson told PTI news agency:

The video has come to Delhi Police's notice through media. We have started the initial technical inquiry. This obscene video is available on Facebook and YouTube links and we are probing this.

The ill-conceived video was released following reports of mass molestation in the city of Bangalore on New Year’s Eve.


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