This man cutting up a steak is smoother than anything else on Twitter

Sunday 08 January 2017 16:30
(Picture: Nusret/Twitter/screengrab)

Of all the strangest videos to go viral, and there have been a few, this one is probably up there with the weirdest ones.

The video, with over 10,0000 retweets and 14k worth of likes, features a man in a pair of sunglasses, cutting up a T Bone.

Seriously, the entire, thirty second video is a man chopping up a slab of steak.

Don’t believe us?

Watch it, below:

People can't get over his passion

The way he handles the meat is with such affection...

...and when he sprinkles the steak with salt. The sass.

And gave birth to a new generation of 'You V The Guy She Told You Not To Worry About' memes

Everyone agrees. He's awesome.

A cultural icon.

The man is called Nusret Gökçe, and is one half of a Turkish duo with another man, Mithat Erdem. In 2010, the pair established Istanbul’s ‘carnivore’s paradise’, a steak house called Nusr-Et.

And while Gökçe does cut steak like a boss, ultimately this guy has a point:

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