Not even the internet's favourite newsreader could deliver this story about a yodelling festival with a straight face

Andy Gregory
Tuesday 09 July 2019 16:15

Whether he’s subtly highlighting the futility of round-the-clock royal baby coverage or demolishing Boris Johnson’s circumlocutory bus painting revelation with a wry one-liner, BBC newsreader Simon McCoy has the nation’s back.

The journalist’s penchant for adding a bit of much-needed, often mischievous, levity to the drudge of the 24/7 news cycle continues to cement his place as the internet’s favourite broadcaster.

This time, it was a story about a yodelling festival that tipped him over the edge.

The newsreader was describing how the Swiss equivalent of the Red Arrows had misjudged a fly-over, supposed to honour the centenary of Oskar Bider's death, the first person to fly across the Swiss alps in both directions.

Unfortunately, reportedly lacking GPS and befuddled by an enticing marquee, squadron leader, Gunnar "Gandalf" Jansen instead interrupted the 31st Northwest Yodelling Festival as it took place four miles away.

Apparently the thought of yodel noises merging with military jets was too much for the veteran presenter, who broke down in laughter once he had finished narrating the story.

Viewers took to Twitter to show their appreciation.

Mr McCoy continued to giggle off-camera as the programme continued into a weather segment about severe flooding in Washington DC.

Twenty seconds after handing over presenting duties to Ben Rich, the Swiss yodelling fly-over mishap continued to tickle Mr McCoy, prompting the weatherman to say: "He's still crying over there."

"I am crying," he replied.

Please Simon, never change.

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