AI images imagine ‘Tory politicians without privilege’ as refugees and key workers

AI images imagine ‘Tory politicians without privilege’ as refugees and key workers
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Artificial intelligence is getting more powerful by the minute, and the power of AI-generated imagery is really being felt in 2023.

If you missed it, the most viral image of the year so far was the puffer coat Pope, which duped people into thinking that the pontiff was the most stylish man on the planet.

Some of the most powerful images yet, though, were posted by a Facebook group on Friday (March 31).

The collection, called “Tories without the privilege” reimagines the most prominent figures in the Conservative party as refugees, homeless people and as key, front-line workers.

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The pictures reimagine home secretary Suella Braverman as a refugee arriving on a small boat clutching a young child.

Lee Anderson is also seen holding a sign saying “hungry and homeless”. They also imagine Boris Johnson as a cleaner, while Rishi Sunak is seen as a Deliveroo driver

The realistic-looking images also see Liz Truss as a barmaid, Jacob Rees-Mogg as a road cleaner, Dominic Raab as a chicken shop server and Matt Hancock as a supermarket worker on trolley duties. Finally, Michael Gove is depicted as an Amazon worker and Kwasi Kwarteng as a cab driver.

The images were created by W***ers of the World using AI service Midjourney.

The group posted the images and added the caption: “Tories without the privilege. Being born in the right place at the right time has nothing to do with hard work. All created by W***ers of the World using AI.”

The images imagine those in power under very different circumstancesW***ers of the World/Facebook

Speaking to indy100, a spokesperson for the group said of the images: “They’re about realising how much luck is involved in being ‘successful’ in life and achieving a position of power. The school you go to, how loving your parents are, your friends, even the country you are born in are critical.

“Everyone works hard at their job no matter what they do. The current government portrays people towards the bottom end of society as greedy, lazy, sponging, self interested.

“The work is also playing with the idea of fake news and how propaganda is used.”

AI-generated content is everywhere in 2023. While cybersecurity experts have highlighted the "dangers" of spreading such content online – especially when shared with malicious intent – others have seemingly been having fun with the tech.

Some content was seemingly created with innocent intentions, but still ended up being incredibly creepy – a lot like this surprisingly disturbing video of Will Smith eating spaghetti.

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