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Did the Pope actually wear a white puffer coat?

Did the Pope actually wear a white puffer coat?
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An image of Pope Francis wearing a large white puffer coat has gone viral on social media with many praising the 86-year-old Argentinian's style - but is the photo real?

The image features Pope Francis outside wearing his zucchetto skull cap and with a crucifix hanging outside the large white coat, which is not unlike something that Kim Kardashian would wear. In his white hand appears to be a plastic bag of some kind.

As you might have already guessed the photo of the Pope's newfound fashion sense is not real.

The image was created on the AI image-generating app 'midjourney' and was posted on a subreddit on Friday before it went viral on Twitter.

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AI images have developed exponentially in the past few months with even Donald Trump beginning to share realistic pictures of himself that have been digitally created. This was after images of Trump being 'arrested' also went viral.

Despite the image of the Pope not being real it hasn't stopped people having fun and sharing their own memes about the head of the Catholic church's 'drip.'

Cybersecurity expert Adam Levin recently told indy100 that the increase in AI deepfakes online could have "extremely dangerous" consequences.

Levin added: "The technology and technical know-how to generate a deepfake is minimal and the potential for damage is vast"

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