Angela Rayner mocks Liz Truss's pork market quote during party conference speech

Angela Rayner took the opportunity to criticise Liz Truss by using one of the prime minister's most memed quotes against her - and the internet loved the callback.

The Labour deputy leader gave a speech at the end of the party's annual conference in Liverpool today (September 28), and didn't mince her words when discussing the new prime minister following the government's controversial mini-Budget, and the financial fallout from the pound falling to an all-time low.

"From the party of stability to causing earthquakes, from the party of business to the party of to a slap down from the IMF,” she said. "From the party of serious government to the party of parties."

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"Liz Truss even crashed the pork market,” Rayner added as she dramatically pointed her finger: “Now that. Is. A. Disgrace."

The joke prompted an eruption of laughter along with cheers and a long round of applause from the audience.

"Now you think that snouts in the trough was one of the things they could manage," Rayner added in another savage burn at her political rivals.

Rayner's mention of pork markets is a reference to Truss's famous meme that came from her speech at the 2014 Conservative Party Conference when she was the then secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs.

"We import two-thirds of our cheese. That. Is. A. Disgrace," she said at the time.

“In December I’ll be in Beijing, opening up new pork markets.”

Truss then gave the audience a wide grin in anticipation of a round of applause which did come eventually... after an awkward moment of silence.

People on Twitter were absolutely living for the meme callback during Rayner's top-tier trolling.

Elsewhere, Labour has gained its largest lead in the polls over the Conservatives in two decades, according to a YouGov poll commissioned by The Times.

While another new poll published by Savanta ComRes predicts a comfortable 56-seat majority for Labour at the next general election.

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