Ant and Dec take another swipe at Boris Johnson over Downing Street Christmas party ‘cover up’

Ant and Dec take another swipe at Boris Johnson over Downing Street Christmas party ‘cover up’

Ant and Dec took another opportunity in last night’s episode of I’m a Celebrity to have a dig at Boris Johnson over the Downing Street Christmas party scandal.

The presenters, who have made several jokes about the prime minister’s behaviour on the show, made a jibe at an alleged “cover up” – a clear reference to the apparent Christmas party that is said to have taken place inside Number 10 on December 18 last year, when London was under tier 3 restrictions.

The duo made the dig while discussing how contestant Danny Miller decided to hide from fellow campmate David Ginola the fact that the rest of the campmates had failed a challenge. Their failure in the trial meant the French former footballer would not get to read a letter from his girlfriend and child.

“So they have decided to cover it up,” Ant said, with Dec replying: “Not a great idea that, is it?”

Laughing in response, Ant then made a not-so-subtle reference to the scandal, adding: “If we have learned one thing in the last 24 hours, it is that you can’t get away with covering things up.”

Dec joined in on the fun and responded: “No, that will come back to bite them at some point. It might take a year – but it will happen.”

The duo’s comments came after footage emerged of Allegra Stratton, the prime minister’s now-former press secretary, joking with other aides about a “fictional” party last December. As a result, Stratton resigned from her position last night.

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Dec gave a nod to the leaked footage – while still ostensibly discussing the latest drama from the camp – adding: “The situation was as clear as day. We all watched the video of them getting the question wrong. It was obvious what happened.”

It’s not the first time the two presenters have called out Johnson and his government over this topic.

Just the night before, they joked about Johnson denying the fact there was even a party to begin with and referenced Stratton’s cheese and wine quote before addressing the camera directly to say: “Evening Prime Minister… for now.”

Their mocking was noted by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, who gave the duo at unexpected shout-out during Wednesday’s PMQs.

“It is obvious what happened,” Starmer had said in the Commons.

“Ant and Dec are ahead of the prime minister on this. The prime minister has been caught red-handed,” he added, causing laughter in the chamber. “Why doesn’t he end the investigation right now by just admitting it?”

Noting their mention at PMQs, Dec partially quoted Starmer in last night’s show, saying: “Even Ant and Dec are ahead of the prime minister – sorry, Danny Miller – on this one. Don’t worry, we will launch an inquiry or something. Not that that will do anything.”

Downing Street has spent the past week repeatedly denying that a party took place. On Tuesday, Johnson told reporters: “I am satisfied myself that the guidelines were followed at all times.”

Then, at PMQs on Wednesday, Johnson apologised “unreservedly” for the leaked footage before announcing an inquiry into whether there had indeed been a rule-breaking party held on December 18.

There have also been reports of gatherings which allegedly took place on 13 and 27 November. In a press conference on Wednesday (December 8), Johnson seemingly admitted that the cabinet secretary would be able to go further than just reviewing what happened on December 18 and “look at other things.”

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police have said they will not investigate the Downing Street Christmas Party - despite receiving “a significant amount of correspondence” over the alleged breaches at Number 10, saying that they do not “provide evidence of a breach” of Covid rules.

Of course, Twitter loved Ant and Dec’s second dig at Johnson and felt that they captured how the public feels about the situation.

Guess we’ll have to tune into I’m a Celebrity tonight to see what the duo have got to say about it all tonight...

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