Malcolm Nance bashes Ben Shapiro for misunderstanding authoritarianism

Ben Shapiro appears to have met his match after a grammar school child challenged him during a rather awkward encounter.

The conservative commentator made an appearance at a public library in Florida in order to chat to young children about politics – and received a little more opposition than he might have expected.

He was attempting to explain political terms, or at least his own interpretation of them, in a “fashion that kids can understand”.

However, he was challenged by one child who said his definition of “government” and “taxes” simply wasn’t true.

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“The government takes all your money and gives you very little in return,” Shapiro said, sparking a little friction in the room.

One of the children hit back at the comment, saying: “That’s not true.”

Ben Shapiro Teaches Politics to Kids!

“I mean, it’s kind of true,” Shapiro replied. “It depends on the kind of government. Taxes are theft.”

He wasn’t done there either. Speaking further about tax, the 38-year-old said: “They’re not supposed to spend it on just random projects or silly things that they have in their head.”

“I’ve seen my mom look at him on Facebook. She said he was a very smart guy,” the boy said afterwards.

He was then asked if agreed with her, and he added: “Well, now that I’ve met him, maybe.”

The commentator never shies away from a good debate, of course, although most of his counterparts generally tend to be a little older.

Ben ShapiroBen got more than he bargained forBen Shapiro

We just hope that the kid who challenged him will be inspired to launch his own career in politics one day.

Meanwhile, Shapiro was recently met with an avalanche of mockery after tweeting about president Joe Biden’s promise to nominate the first Black woman to the court after supreme court justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement.

He posted to criticise the president's decision, saying, "[Democrats] wouldn't care whether Biden nominated a [Harvard Law School] grad who clerked for Breyer or Cardi B."

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