Keir Starmer has perfectly trolled Boris Johnson over the John Lewis ‘nightmare’

Keir Starmer has perfectly trolled Boris Johnson over the John Lewis ‘nightmare’
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Keir Starmer has perfectly trolled Boris Johnson today over the incident that should surely now be known as ‘John Lewis gate’.

After working Johnson up into a fury at Wednesday’s PMQs, the leader of the opposition decided to get snapped in the wallpaper section of John Lewis, referencing controversial comments Carrie Symonds may or may not have made about the department store.

Indeed, the nation has been up in arms after it was alleged that Carrie Symonds’ described the prime minister’s Downing Street flat as a “John Lewis furniture nightmare” as a reason why it needed renovating.

The funding of these renovations is now being investigated by the Electoral Commission, as it has been alleged Boris Johnson accepted a loan from Conservative Party HQ to renovate his Downing Street gaff, without properly declaring it as a gift. The makeover is also said to have included an £840 roll wallpaper.

But none of that matters to those who are more focussed on the idea that the pair turned their noses up at John Lewis, of all places.

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The comments provoked reactions from MPs, journalists and more, and even attracted the attention of the retailer itself, who piled into the drama:

Meanwhile, an American man is frequently mistaken for the shop also contributed to the debate, showing that Johnson’s disdain for the British store has made its way across the Atlantic.

Starmer missed out on the opportunity to roast Johnson about it during PMQs yesterday, opting to discuss more serious issues instead. But people were glad to see that it has not escaped his attention, and shared their reactions to the image:

And it is not the first time that Starmer has trolled people. After he was confronted by a pub landlord in Bath recently, he posted a fake link on Twitter, promising to deliver a statement about the incident. It actually directed people to a government website to register to vote.

Who knew Starmer would emerge as 2021’s biggest prankster? Not us.

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