A hairdresser has used waste hair to make a mural depicting Boris Johnson and people are having nightmares.

Davinia Fox, a hairdresser from Somerset made the 5ft artwork on her salon floor to thank the prime minister for his efforts during the coronavirus pandemic and to celebrate the hairdressing industry, but people who are not as enamoured with the PM are feeling rather afraid of it.

Speaking to the BBC, Fox said she collected waste hair from cuts she carried out between the lockdowns and that she took two days off work to give 16 hours to completing the project.

“I had well over half a black sack of hair which I very carefully swept up without my clients knowing,” she said.

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“I wanted to give something back. I wanted to show how much people’s hair did grow throughout the lockdowns without hairdressers there.”

She added: “Obviously, it will be swept up, but I would really love it if Boris Johnson could actually see the photograph of it or if he could come down to see it in person, that would be lovely.”

However, Labour MP Charlotte Nichols joked she feared it could “hurt” her:

While others said they thought the hair version of Johnson appeared more neat and tidy than the real person:

Meanwhile, others still thought it was completely bizarre and many said they didn’t see a reason to celebrate Johnson:

Fox added that the pandemic has hsown how essential hairdressers are:

“There’s been stigma behind us, where if you’re not clever, you become a hairdresser and it’s seen to be one of those downgraded jobs,” she said.

“That has changed as the years have progressed and Covid has definitely helped, now we’re essential.”

The news comes as a burglar has gone viral for sharing a resemblance with the prime minister.

We are living in weird times.

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