Does Boris Johnson's new slogan seem familiar? Here's why

Does Boris Johnson's new slogan seem familiar? Here's why
Boris Johnson confirms plans to extend Right to Buy scheme targeting 2.5 ...

With a new Conservative government policy comes a new slogan, and this time it has been suggested that it looks oddly familiar.

Today, Boris Johnson delivered a speech on housing in which he outlined the government’s Right to Buy scheme which has already been criticised by experts.

Throughout the speech, it became clear that “on your side” is the government’s newest campaign slogan as the PM said it a total of ten times.

Political journalist Adam Bienkov tweeted about the slogan and pointed out why it may feel familiar to some.

He wrote: “Boris Johnson fills his relaunch speech with the repeated slogan that the government is “on your side’.

“Wherever could he have got that from?.”

Alongside it, he shared images of previous Labour campaigns that happen to contain the exact same wording.

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While there’s always a chance it’s a complete coincidence, social media users have accused the Conservative party of stealing not only Labour’s slogans but some of their policies, such as the windfall tax.

One Twitter user wrote: “So they pinch the windfall tax on energy firms ideas. Now Labour slogans - I'm sure Angela Rayner has tweeted a lot about Tories having no ideas and this kind of proves it!”

Another said: “Useless!”

Someone else replied: “These CONservatives have got nothing.....just empty, meaningless slogans.”

Bienkov wasn’t the only person to make the same observation, as someone else tweeted: “Boris Johnson’s new slogan is ‘we’re on your side’

“Which is the slogan, like their policies stolen from Labour. And you wonder why Labour don’t come out with tons of policy ideas a year or two before an election?”

indy100 has contacted the Conservative Party for comment.

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