GB News host wants cameras to be 'ripped out of the House of Commons'

GB News host wants cameras to be 'ripped out of the House of Commons'

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It was ITV News’ Tom Bradby who went viral for asking the evergreen question of “what on earth is going on in the House of Commons”, but it seems one GB News host doesn’t really want you finding out.

Calvin Robinson, who presents a show called Common Sense Crusade on the controversial network, made the unusual claim during an interview with Sky News’ Kay Burley on Monday.

In a discussion around former health secretary Matt Hancock’s decision to participate in this year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, Robinson said: “I think we should rip out the cameras in the House of Commons.”

“Don’t say that, we campaigned for that,” Burley interjected in response.

Nevertheless, the commentator continued: “It’s all about soundbites and clickbait and it’s all about gotchanomics on here, but we don’t want that.”

Disappointingly, he wasn’t talking about GB News at this point.

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“We want people in the House of Commons, representing our needs, and making sure that they’re putting that forward and legislating to help British citizens. It’s not about them faffing around, being a persona.

“It’s all very Americanised, isn’t it? It’s terrible. It’s not British, it’s not democratic,” he said.

Because of course, removing one of the main avenues of accessing Parliament besides reading Hansard or attending in person certainly is democratic, Calvin.

Meanwhile, fellow guest Lembit Opik, former Liberal Democrat MP and I’m A Celebrity campmate, branded Robinson’s remarks as “so retro”.

Twitter wasn’t exactly keen on Robinson’s appearance on Sky News, or his comments:

In fact, it was only yesterday that the broadcaster came under fire for his views on same-sex marriage, stating that the ceremony “is between one man and one woman”.

He said: “These views might seem outdated or old-fashioned or even otherworldly by today’s standards, but they are the official teachers of the church.

“I have no doubt there’s been pain and a lack of understanding, but we now live in a society where LGBTQ+++ people are not marginalised. Pride Month became Pride season, and rainbow flags adorn more public buildings than the flag of the nation.

“To me, a marriage needs a bride and a groom – anything else is not holy matrimony.”

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