Donald Trump Jr channels Willy Wonka: The weirdest CPAC moments so far

Donald Trump Jr channels Willy Wonka: The weirdest CPAC moments so far
Marjorie Taylor Greene launches transphobic rant at CPAC conference

The annual Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC) is underway and so far this year is proving to be just as strange as last year.

Hundreds of conservatives are gathered in Washington DC to discuss the right-wing political agenda and the future of the Republican Party.

Notable figures like Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Nikki Haley, JD Vance, and more are set to make appearances and speeches. And with a larger MAGA presence than ever, there are sure to be some interesting moments.

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Here are some of the strange things that have happened at 2023 CPAC, so far.

Donald Trump Jr channels his inner Willy Wonka

While giving a speech on Friday afternoon, Trump Jr played Willy Wonka for a day and told attendees to check under their seats for a gold chocolate bar.

"If there happens to be a gold chocolate bar underneath there... that's a VIP ticket to my father's reception tomorrow at CPAC."

A whole lot of empty seats

Multiple people on social media have indicated that there seem to be fewer attendees than usual.

Marjorie Taylor Greene rants about everything

If there is one thing MTG has made very clear about her opinions it's that you will hear them.

The Georgia Representative echoed her beliefs on CPAC's stage on Friday by ranting about several hot-topic issues.

Regarding gender-affirming care and transgender rights, Taylor Greene went on a transphobic rant saying she is introducing a bill that would make it a "felony" for medical professionals to conduct gender-affirming care on children.

Having been outspoken about not sending support to Ukraine, Taylor Greene told CPAC attendees [Ukraine] needs to fine peace, not war" and that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky needs to "leave your hands off our sons and daughters because they're not dying over there."

She also managed to generate some "boos" for Zelensky from the crowd.

Nikki Haley is met with a not-so-warm welcome

Videos shared on Twitter show CPAC crowds welcoming 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley by chanting “Trump” and "we love Trump" at her.

Donald Trump Jr attacks John Fetterman

The eldest Trump son took aim at the Pennsylvania Senator who suffered a near-fatal stroke last year. Fetterman has used audio-to-text technology to help him process speech while recovering from the stroke.

Trump Jr called Fetterman a "vegetable" who could be "a bag guy at a grocery store" diminishing his ability to serve as a Senator.

Mike Lindell calls Ron DeSantis a "trojan horse"

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was caught ragging against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calling him a "trojan horse" that the media was "covering up for."

DeSantis is rumored to be gearing up to announce his presidential run in 2024.

Instead, Lindell issued his verbal support for Donald Trump.

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