The Lincoln Project found a trash can to match the vibe of every CPAC speaker

The Lincoln Project found a trash can to match the vibe of every CPAC speaker
CPAC conference: Divisions at annual US conservative gathering

Who knew there were so many varieties of trash cans?

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) kicked off on Wednesday with a lineup of notable conservative speakers set to address attendees in Washington DC.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, Donald Trump Jr, and Majorie Taylor Green are just some of the expected guest speakers.

But not all conservatives are thrilled about the lineup, including those tied to the political action committee (PAC) The Lincoln Project.

“CPAC isn’t a gathering place for conservatives of all stripes. There’s one stripe, & it’s blood-red MAGA,” The Lincoln Project tweeted on Thursday.

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Formed in the final years of the Trump administration, The Lincoln Project was started by moderate Republicans who disagree with Trump’s views. Given the number of Trump-affiliated conservatives at CPAC this year, the organisation isn’t thrilled with the lineup.

Taking a jab at CPAC’s lineup, The Lincoln Project decided to tweet a thread comparing some speakers to different varieties of trash cans.

In each tweet, The Lincoln Project personified a trash can.

Like an over-flowing McDonald’s trash bin as Donald Trump.

Somehow, this trash can and Ted Cruz have similar accessories.

Or a blue robotic floor vacuum (adjacent to a trash can) as Kari Lake.

This bedazzled bin apparently looks like Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Whatever this “I love litter” bin apparently looks like Rick Scott.

This matrimonial-dressed bin as Elsie Stefanik.

A small floral trash bin personifies Majorie Taylor Greene.

This lime green rubbish bin as Sean Spicer.

Some people jumped in on the joke, adding their own version of CPAC speakers as trash bins.

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