Dominic Raab grins while discussing solutions to cost of living crisis

Dominic Raab knew the price of petrol and he was pretty excited about it.

In a BBC interview with Charlie Stayt yesterday, the two clashed when Stayt said he had seen diesel selling for £1.99 per litre as they talked about the cost of living crisis plaguing the nation.

But Raab tried to get the upper hand. "I'm just checking how in touch you are because last time I filled up it was 165p or 167p," Raab replied.

Stayt said 168p was the price of unleaded but added: "I'm not the one needing to make decisions that will affect people's lives."

Raab replied: "Charlie I was just actually making the point that I was actually right about the cost of a litre of unleaded so your pitch that we're all out of touch -"

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"I didn't say that," Stayt replied. "I did not say 'you are out of touch'".

"That's what you were going for," Raab said.

Here's the awkward exchange:

It is not the first time journalists have tried to catch politicians out over whether they know the price of everyday goods. Look at Rishi Sunak discussing the price of bread, for instance.

Raab knew what he was talking about here but he could have been more chill about it.

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