Trump goes after Ron DeSantis in war that could 'destroy Republican Party'

Trump goes after Ron DeSantis in war that could 'destroy Republican Party'
Ron DeSantis appears to make jab at Donald Trump over re-election during …

The 2024 US Republican Presidential primary is already a high-stakes affair, with FiveThirtyEight polls showing that it is becoming a head-to-head contest between former President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fl.)," who seem to have a bit of a power struggle going on.

In the midst of that, Trump has decided to call the Florida governor by his name, signaling that a brutal political war is coming , which some say could lead to the destruction of the Republican Party.

Taking to his social media platform Truth Social, the former commander-in-chief 'ReTruthed' a barrage of anti-DeSantis posts.

The exchange was shared on Twitter by journalist MollyJong-Fast who said she had no problem with the two "destroying each other" and the Republican Party.

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Many others echoed Jong-Fast's sentiments.

One person wrote: "The more Ron is talked about, the nastier Donald will get. I'm here for it all!!"

Another added: "I am laying in the popcorn supply now."

A third wrote: "I've got a feeling that the '24 GOP presidential primaries are not going to be America's shining moment."

Trump and DeSantis have a tense history despite being quite similar to one another. The two were even fans of each other until a power struggle arose.

The former president has told people that he thinks the Florida lawmaker is "very overrated," noting he is confident that he could beat DeSantis in an election.

Indy100 reached out to DeSantis' press team for comment.

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