Douglas Ross says he is 'furious' about No 10 party and Boris ...

Sky News journalists couldn't get over Douglas Ross's ever-changing position on whether Boris Johnson should resign.

In the past, the leader of the Scottish Tories has called on Johnson to do one and he even previously submitted a letter of no confidence in the prime minister over the scandal.

But he later rescinded it, citing the need for stability at the top of government following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and now, despite Sue Gray's damning report, he still has a mixed view about the PM.

Asked about the issue, Ross said: “Well, let’s see where we are but my position changed because of Ukraine.

“My position changed because of the war in Ukraine and that’s the only thing that changed it. Let’s see if we can end that war sooner rather than later but I can only answer based on the circumstances right now.”

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The Sky News reporter cut in: “What you’re saying is the war in Ukraine is the only thing that’s reversed your position?"

“Yes,” replied Ross.

“Therefore when the war in Ukraine’s over you’ll reverse it back, correct?” the reporter asked.“

"That’s what I said,” said the MP.

But the journalist asked if he was "insulting the public" with his unclear answer.

The broadcast then cut back to Downing Street where Jon Craig offered his analysis:

“He’s flip-flopping all over the place …

“He will be, I suspect, ridiculed by his political opponents in Scotland. In fact, I think Nicola Sturgeon has already criticised him for changing his views on this.”

He later added: “I think more consistency is what we need from Mr Ross.”


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