Eleven years ago today Ed Balls tweeted his own name and became a legend

Eleven years ago today Ed Balls tweeted his own name and became a legend
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It truly feels like it comes around earlier and earlier each year - Ed Balls day.

Eleven years ago, the former shadow chancellor tweeted his own name in a blaze of awkward.

He had probably been intending to search the site for an article about him but we’ve all seen our parents struggle with the internet and Balls, no different, well... ballsed up:

People unsurprisingly delighted in the incident at the time, and every year since Ed Balls has gone viral on Twitter as people remember the time the politician made the slip, with he himself joining in by making a cake to celebrate the day one year and wearing a Balls emblazoned football jersey another.

At least he has a sense of humour...

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After all, they say you always remember where you were when Ed Balls tweeted Ed Balls.

Here are some of people’s reactions to the day thus far:

At the time of writing, Balls hasn't tweeted to acknowledge his anniversary but given he usually likes to join in on the fun it is probably only a matter of time before he marks the occasion.

Until then, with tweets now being sold as NFTs, we know what we want for Ed Balls day next year.

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