Video ‘factchecks’ Raab’s claim that Boris Johnson always follows Covid mask rules

Video ‘factchecks’ Raab’s claim that Boris Johnson always follows Covid mask rules

The justice secretary has been “fact checked” by a lawyer and filmmaker after claiming the prime minister is “conscientious about guidelines” on mask-wearing.

During an interview with Dominic Raab, Sky News’ Kay Burley highlighted that there have been several pictures of Johnson being pictured without a mask on in recent weeks.

“Snappers are very good at catching out,” Raab began, before changing his train of thought to: “What I can tell you is I see him wearing a mask.”

Burley said he should wear his mask, and then he wouldn’t get caught out by photographers.

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Raab continued: “I’ve seen him wear a mask and I think he’s very conscientious about the guidelines.”

Lawyer and filmmaker Peter Stefanovic then showed footage of Johnson sauntering through Hexham General Hospital without a mask.

Stefanovic said even “Larry the cat knew it was complete bollocks” before Johnson apologised for “mistakenly” not wearing the mask momentarily while in the hospital.

Soon after the apology, Johnson was reportedly spotted maskless on a train between journey to Warrington Bank Quay from Manchester’s Oxford Road station.

These unfortunate incidents follow Johnson coming under fire for being seen maskless next to 95-year-old national treasure David Attenborough at the Cop26 summit in Glasgow.

In a statement commenting on the prime minister’s actions at the climate conference, a Downing Street spokesperson said: “The prime minister has abided by the Covid-19 guidance at COP26 throughout. Attendees and delegates are not required to wear a face mask when they are seated as per the COP26 guidance.”

Stefanovic has previously made videos on the universal credit cuts and Johnson’s “lies” - and he doesn’t mince his words.

In the same Sky interview from this morning, Raab referred to the Peppa Pig World debacle as “a day in my life I won’t get back”. 

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