Frontrunner to be next mayor of NYC gets his ear pierced to ‘show he can keep promises’

<p>NYC Mayoral Democratic frontrunner Eric Adams keeps his promise by getting his ear pierced.</p>

NYC Mayoral Democratic frontrunner Eric Adams keeps his promise by getting his ear pierced.

Photo courtesy of @ericadamsfornyc/Twitter

Twenty-four hours after winning the Democratic mayoral primary, former police captain and Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams wanted to show he could keep his word—by getting his ear pierced.

Taking to Twitter, Adams posted a video of him getting his left earlobe pierced while writing about the campaign trail and how he kept his promise to the youth.

"On the campaign trail, a group of young people met with my son & me. They asked, 'how do we know you're not like other politicians who make promises they don't keep,'" Adam's post began.

"They said we'll trust you if you promise to pierce your ear when you win the primary. Promise made, promise kept!" the caption continued.

After the piercing, Adams said within the video, "If you see it on social media, young man, I told you I was going to do it, and I just did what I promised."

People in the comments commended him, citing that it shows good character.

"He looks terrified. But I love a politician who can keep promises!" someone wrote.

"That's a sign of good character. I'm not from NYC, but I wish you all the best! Good luck," another added.

A third believed that this was not that meaningful of a promise and will be seeing how "well" he stays true to his words on issues in the city.

"This is a bit too easy and meaningless a promise to brag about keeping. Let's see how you do in keeping substantive promises.”

Someone else wanted to know what kind of example the piercing would have on the youth, saying the following: "I wonder what is the example on that for the youth...in all the things you could pick, ear piercing is the one you pick?"

Check out some of the diverse reactions to Adams’ new piercing below.

Speaking to anchors on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Adams talked about the mayoral victory, the piercing, and what this decision meant to him.

It was a group of young people who made a commitment. My son said, 'promises made must be promises kept.'"

Adams achieved a narrow win on Tuesday against Catherine Garcia in the Democratic primary. The general election is later this year and he’s heavy favourite to win.

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