Gary Neville has torn into Sajid Javid after he defended Boris Johnson who is facing widespread criticism for attending a “bring your own booze party” in the Downing Street garden in May 2020 during the Covid lockdown.

Johnson gave his “heartfelt apologies,” during PMQs on Wednesday over his attendance at the garden party, which was leaked by ITN News courtesy of an email sent by Johnson’s principal private secretary Martin Reynolds who invited more than 100 employees to the event.

The prime minister has insisted that he thought the gathering was a “work event.”

While facing scrutiny from opposition MPs, Johnson did receive some support afterwards in the form of home secretary Sajid Javid who took to Twitter and wrote: “I completely understand why people feel let down. The PM did the right thing by apologising.

“Now we need to let the investigation complete its work. We have so much to get on with including rolling out boosters, testing and antivirals - so we can live with Covid.

However, this defence did not impress football pundit and former Manchester United player Gary Neville who has quite the experience in defending himself (goals not government scandals).

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Known for making his feelings abundantly clear on political issues, Neville took Twitter to slam Javid for defending his boss.

“People still working from home and kids wearing masks and you lot weren’t scared in Lockdown 1, yet terrified us all . You’ve been taking the p**s for 2 years,” he wrote.

It appears there are plenty of people who agreed with Neville, and that Johnson’s actions cannot be defended.

While others were worried that people would interpret Neville’s tweet as saying that Covid isn’t dangerous or serious because he’s said the government weren’t scared of the virus.

It’s not the first time Neville has tweeted his anger towards the government over a scandal, as back in December when allegations of a Downing Street Christmas party arose, he told Johnson to “do one” in an epic Twitter rant.

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