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Jimmy Kimmel pointed out one of the "dopiest" questions former President Donald Trump decided to answer in a podcast interview instead of a hard-hitting question about the Russia-Ukraine crisis - and it had to do with music.

On Monday, the late-night host first spoke about former president Barack Obama contracting Covid and threw in a joke about how long it would take Trump to start "bragging" that he "caught Covid first".

Then Kimmel started to poke fun at the Trump interview conducted by YouTubers called the Nelk Boys.

"[Trump's] been making the rounds. He was on a podcast hosted by – this is really something – a small group of YouTubers known as the Nelk boys," he said.

"Now, these guys show up at Mar-a-Lago in sweatshirts and shorts, logos all over their clothes. Trump sits down for an hour with them, during the war, to answer the dopiest questions."

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The host went on to say that "one of the great things" about Trump is that it "doesn't matter who's interviewing him; it could be George Stephanopoulos or three doofuses who brought a 12 pack of hard Seltzer along with them, he's going to answer the same way."

However, as Kimmel pointed out, the YouTubers had "one good question" that the former commander-in-chief never answered" and "danced around," which had to do with whether or not he would "impose no-fly zone around Ukraine?"

But instead, Trump answered a question about his musical prowess as "a DJ."

"I've always had a high aptitude for music, "Trump said in a clip from the interview as shown on Kimmel's segment. "But I love great music."

"So, do you actually spin?" one of their interviewers asked."I don't spin, but I pick the ones I like. I don't want to spin. I want to pick the ones I like," Trump responded.

He also mentioned that a song that gets people "rocking" is "YMCA ."

"I feel like he only knows like three or four songs," Kimmel quipped.

Check out the segment below:

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