Prince Charles Met The Queen 2 Days Before Testing Positive

Apparently, Joe Biden's mom hated England so much she refused to sleep in a bed where the Queen had previously slept in.

Joe Biden's mother, Catherine Finnegan—also known as Jean—was a woman with strong beliefs, and ones she refused to compromise.

So much so that President Biden once revealed the hilarious anecdote of the time his mother visited the UK and spent a night in a hotel where Queen Elizabeth II had previously stayed at.

Recounted by comedian Georgia Pritchett in her autobiography, she shared the story of when Biden dished on his mother's contempt for the country and its leader.

According to The Guardian, Pritchett had met Biden while he was Vice-President during Barack Obama's presidential term at the White House. She was present at the US landmark due as she was conducting research for the comedy show Veep, where she was a co-executive producer and joint writer.

There was also a film tie-in of the show slated to occur.

Although Pritchett noted that the initial conversation with Biden centered around Ukraine, where he had just returned from, the conversation was closed down by his minders.

Pet the outlet, she wrote, "He changed the subject to how much his mother hated the English. His parents were Irish and she had written several poems about her hatred of the English. He went off to find them and returned with hundreds of poems describing how God must smite the English and rain blood on our heads.”

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That's when he shared the story of his mom visiting the UK hotel that illuminated just how much she disliked the English.

“She was so appalled that she slept on the floor all night, rather than risk sleeping on a bed that the Queen had slept on,” Pritchett wrote.

The outlet added that Pritchett said she "personally admired anyone who allowed their principles to take precedence over a comfortable bed."

Biden’s mother sadly passed away in 2010.

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