Fox News has meltdown after Biden buys an ice cream

Fox News discuss Minnie Mouse's new pantsuit for Women's History Month

Fox News hosts have been having an extremely traumatic week. From Minnie Mouse's recent makeover (in which she dons a pantsuit designed by Stella McCartney) to the sexy green M&M ditching her go-go boots, can you imagine the horror?!

Now there's another reason the right-wingers have publicly groaned about and this time it's not limited to animated cartoon characters but instead, they've decided to bash Biden for *checks notes* cream? Yes, President Joe Biden's recent visit to Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, near Capitol Hill, left Republicans fuming.

It might not be a cartoon character but Fox News hosts are showcasing just how childish they are with this latest reaction.

Trevor Noah's The Daily Show tweeted a compilation of the coverage. He tweeted, "Not Fit To Serve: Joe Biden gets ice cream, the worst scandal in presidential history."

"All I have to do is run a country of 350 million," complains one host of Biden's actions.

Another person notes, "he emerged with two scoops of what appeared to be chocolate."

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Most of the outrage stems from ongoing tension in the Russia-Ukraine crisis, with Biden's critics fearing he is unequipped to handle the possibly dangerous situation. But since when is getting ice cream an indicator of someone's abilities? Let the man eat!

"Is it appropriate at this time? Vladimir Putin watching this Commander in Chief chomping on ice cream," says one person in the video.

"Joe Biden's weakness. His feebleness. His love of ice cream," complains another man in the compilation.

"It's also not normal for a grown man who's working a full-time job to go out on a Tuesday afternoon in January to get an ice cream cone," says Greg Kelly.

"Who gets ice cream in the winter?" complains another.

Naturally, Republicans will always find any reason to suggest that Biden is not fit to serve, whether it involves politics or not. But guys, can we all agree to just leave ice cream out of it?

The Daily Show summed it up best at the end of the clip they put together, writing: "Joe Biden getting some ice cream. No president has ever done anything worse," followed by images of George W. Bush enjoying some ice cream.

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