The difference between Biden and Putin in two pictures

The difference between Biden and Putin in two pictures
Joe Biden calls Putin 'butcher' during visit to Ukrainian refugee camps in ...

As the war in Ukraine has continued on, world leaders have come together to assist the sovereign nation that was invaded by Vladimir Putin.

United States president Joe Biden has done his part to assist Ukraine by providing weaponry and other military support to help fight Russian forces.

Russia and the US have had a historically turbulent relationship, with president Biden and Russia’s leader Putin seeing the world very differently.

Now, the pair have been compared using just two different images of the leaders in a tweet by political analyst Mattia Nelles.

Nelles posted the two images side by side – one showing Biden eating pizza and engaging in lively conversation with US troops, and the other image showing Putin sitting alone at the end of a very long table.

He captioned the post, “Two presidents, two realities!” and it has been liked over 60,000 times.

People reflected on what the image said about the two men and how they lead their separate nations.

One person wrote: “Democracy vs dictatorship.”

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Someone else said: “Left = LEADER. Right = LOSER.”

Another added: “Well it's simple, the one on the left is human the one on the right is a f**king monster.”

In the comments, another person posted a side by side images of Biden and Ukraine’s president Zelensky. They wrote: “Two presidents, two real leaders!”

President Zelensky was recently voted the most powerful person in Europe and has been praised throughout the war for staying to defend his country.

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