Joe Biden’s routine revealed: He pumps iron in the morning then munches chocolate-chip cookies in the day

Joe Biden’s routine revealed: He pumps iron in the morning then munches chocolate-chip cookies in the day
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President Joe Biden seems to be someone who likes a routine — and his daily schedule is pretty eye-opening for a 78-year-old.

According to a new report based on interviews with aides, he gets the day going by lifting weights and watching CNN’s New Day or MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

The president leads a relatively healthy lifestyle, although he does have a soft spot for sweet stuff.

In a recent report fromThe Washington Post, seven people familiar with the president’s daily routine state that he loves to drink orange Gatorade and snack on chocolate chip cookies through the day, which are his favorite.

‘He has the tastes of a 5-year-old,’ said a longtime adviser to Biden.

But his fondness for sweets doesn’t stop there.

Biden also has the outer Oval Office filled with wrapped chocolate chip cookies and Dolle’s salt water taffy. Dolle’s is a boardwalk shop in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He has a vacation home in that area.

Biden also loves ice cream and has been photographed with a cone on numerous occasions.

Throughout the day, he is also known to slip out of the White House to go to the Rose Garden for fresh air with his dogs, Champ and Major.

In the mornings, the workout session incorporates weight lifting, and he meets with a trainer, The Post also reports.

While campaigning for the presidency, Biden could be seen riding his bike. He also has a Peloton, although it’s unclear whether he brought the stationary bike with him to the White House.

Security concerns over whether or not Biden should bring the bike with him were further intensified earlier in the month when it was revealed that a bug in the technology exposed users’ private information such as their weight and age.

Once the workout completes his workout and reads ‘The Bulletin,’ he walks to the Oval Office to get the closed-door Daily Intelligence Briefing with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Once a week, Biden will have lunch with Harris. It’s a tradition he carried with him as vice president to Barack Obama.

Salad, grilled chicken and soup, Coke Zero, or Gatorade are items on Biden’s lunch menu.

Biden also removed the red button on the Resolute Desk that former President Donald Trump used to bring him diet cokes on command.

If Biden has to be on the move, he usually brings things like a protein bar, travel-sized orange Gatorade and a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Biden’s schedule is a bit lighter than previous administrations.

Usually, he only has one or two public appearances a day with some trips here and there, such as a visit to Wilmington, Delaware.

He’s reportedly spent nine weeks there as president.

The Post states that his aides describe him as a ‘night owl,’ despite his morning workout routine. He generally returns to the White House around 6 to 7 pm, and after dinner, he calls his advisers.

Before bed, Biden calls his son Hunter who has suffered from addiction in his life. And if he doesn’t answer, Biden texts him.

After, he looks over his itinerary for the next day, so he is prepared to walk into the Oval Office in the morning.

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