John Bercow has just made a Cameo about crypto and people are very confused

John Bercow has just made a Cameo about crypto and people are very confused

People can pay £81 to have Bercow shout "order" at them


Former Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, created a brow-raising Cameo about crypto – and people were left incredibly baffled.

Bercow, famed for the manner in which he shouted “order, order” to rebellious MPs, joined the personal shout-outs platform back in April last year. And now, people are paying £81 for him to shout "order" at them too.

In the viral clip making the rounds on Twitter, Bercow urged crypto buyers to "stop selling."

"Goodness sake, you're like badly behaved children running around like headless chickens," he continued.

"Get a grip of yourselves and recover your composure,

"This sort of unseemly conduct must not persist."

Throughout the Cameo appearance, he intersected with "ORDER!"

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Watch it here for yourself:

Confusion may have been heightened, but the paying customer stepped forward to offer somewhat of an explanation. Twitter user, @CryptoBoole, explained how he was "just having fun" with it because "Bercow is a legend."

Some Twitter users missed the memo and turned to the platform to express their confusion. "I have no words," one said, adding: "Well a few, but seriously there’s he'st to unpick here."

"One of the most horrific things I’ve ever seen, and ever will see," one disapproving user tweeted, while another declared: "This is without a doubt the worst thing I’ve ever seen on this website, and that's really going some."

Another joked: "We are well and truly in the simulation."

Others – believe it or not – truly loved it.

Apart from making Cameos, Bercow has also made a number of politics about Boris Johnson and the government since leaving the Commons.

Speaking recently on a special edition of his new podcast Absolute Power, Bercow slammed Johnson as a shameless "narcissistic" and urged him to resign over partygate allegations.

The former speaker said: “He’s [Boris Johnson] completely shameless, he’s totally narcissistic, he believes he’s always had his own way and that he should have - and his instinct now will be to try and blame as many other people as possible and to do anything he can to shift the agenda onto what he thinks might be more fertile to reign.”

Bercow said that the Prime Minister had lost "all moral authority" and slammed him as "without doubt, the worst prime minister of my lifetime and it’s not a photo-finish.”

"He’s ended up having to apologise not only to the House but to the Queen, he’s almost certainly broken the ministerial code, misled parliament and he’s broken the rules that he’s devised," he said.

“But don’t rule out the possibility he may stagger on for a while longer. I don’t think there’s a cat in hell’s chance of him going voluntarily.”

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