John Bercow has joined Cameo.

The former Speaker of the House of Commons, famous for the manner in which he shouted “order, order” to rebellious MPs in the chamber, is charging fans the cool sum of £82.50 to receive personalised videos of him.

Bercow’s first message was a birthday greeting to Christian Calgie, a reporter at right-leaning politics blog Guido Fawkes. As their website name is, we are not surprised that the staff are a fan of Bercow’s utterances.

And Bercow is not the only political figure to jump on the Cameo wagon, more commonly used by celebrities and former Love Island contestants. Last month, Nigel Farage revealed he would be selling videos of himself on the app, after announcing his long overdue retirement from politics.

The news that, for £52.50, Farage will be available for “Mother’s Day, a birthday, a wedding” and will mention Brexit and Trump in these messages, triggered jokes and disbelief in equal measure.

And people on social media were also mixed in their reaction to Bercow joining the app. Some found the news funny:

While others were more critical:

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is also offering people the wonderful opportunity to book him and Melania Trump for events.

It seems like a lucrative side hustle is percolating for withering political figures.

We’ll consider a Cameo from Bercow, but will probably leave Trump and Farage, thanks.

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