8 furious reactions as Kyrsten Sinema ditches Democrats to become independent

8 furious reactions as Kyrsten Sinema ditches Democrats to become independent
Kyrsten Sinema announces she's quitting Democratic Party

Kyrsten Sinema is shaking up the Senate - and people are not happy about it.

On Thursday, Sinema, 46, who represents Arizona in the US Senate, announced she would be leaving the Democratic Party and registering herself as an Independent.

Speaking to Jake Tapper for CNN, Sinema said, “I’ve never fit neatly into any party box. I’ve never really tried. I don’t want to."

“Removing myself from the partisan structure – not only is it true to who I am and how I operate, I also think it’ll provide a place of belonging for many folks across the state and the country, who also are tired of the partisanship," she added.

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The announcement comes just days after the Georgia runoff election and one month after the midterms where Democrats obtained majority with 51 seats.

On Twitter, people criticized Sinema's move, accusing the Arizona Senator of taking advantage of the Democratic Party to obtain her seat but rejecting loyalty.



In an op-ed for the Arizona Republic, Sinema criticized the US's two-party political system saying she did not want to "bend to party pressure."

In the past, Sinema has come under fire for voting in opposition to Democratic-sponsored legislation. She has been likened to fellow Senator Joe Manchin who is also considered a moderate-conservative Democrat.

Due to her political stance within the Democratic Party, Sinema's approval rating is consistently low across age groups and political party affiliation.


Some accused the Arizona Senator of trying to turn attention to her for her own self-interest.





It appears Sinema's decision is not being met kindly.


It is unclear if the Senate will remain 51-49 in favor of Democrats. Unlike other Independent voters Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Angus S King Jr (I-ME), Sinema did not make it clear if she would caucus with the Democratic Party.

Although she added that "nothing will change about my values or my behavior."

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