Woman speechless after hairdresser edits selfie of her new hairstyle
Mirror/ TikTok / spaghetti6969

A woman was shocked after realising her hairdresser had photoshopped a selfie that she sent him of her new hairstyle.

Sharing the incident on TikTok, a woman who posts under the name on Leti Spaghetti said her hairdresser had requested pictures of the balayage that he had done for her, so he could post on his salon’s Instagram account.

But she soon learnt that he had done some extra unsolicited styling to the image.

She showed the photo that she sent, compared to the one he posted – and there were clear edits made around the eyes and skin. In the edited photo, she had been given eyeshadow and her skin had also been airbrushed.

Reacting to it, she looked shook and put her hand to her face while suppressing laughter.

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And commenting on the video, other TikTok users were similarly bemused.

One person joked: “Any chance of his details so I can send him selfies to edit?”


And after

Another said: “That selfie is too gorgeous! I can’t believe he edited it – so rude.”

The video has been viewed more than 580,000 times and has got 85,000 likes.

Somehow, we think there is a chance Leti Spaghetti might go somewhere else the next time she gets her hair done.

Although at least he didn’t feel the need to retouch the hair.

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