The Lib Dems had just a one word response to the Tory debate and it's hilarious

The Lib Dems had just a one word response to the Tory debate and it's hilarious
Tory leadership debate: Key moments from Truss v Sunak head-to-head
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Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss didn't hold back when they faced each other in the first head-to-head televised Tory leadership debate - and the Liberal Democrats concisely (and hilariously) summed up their thoughts with just one word...

In the hour-long BBC special on July 25, the foreign secretary and chancellor for starters creeped viewers out in the programme's introduction as they stood like statues or cardboard cutouts and stared into the camera.

When the debate in Stoke-on-Trent's Victoria Hall got going, Sunak shared his cautious economic strategy and clashed with Truss over her plans to cut tax straight away over worries it would cause a massive increase in interest rates, "tip millions of people into misery" as well as cause the Tories to lose the next election.

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Though Truss fought this point and said the debt would be paid down in three years time and accused Sunak of "scaremongering" and "Project Fear," (a throwback to Brexit rhetoric where Sunak reminded Truss she campaigned for Remain while he supported Leave).

Given that whoever wins the leadership race is set to become the next prime minister after Boris Johnson resigned, opposition parties reacted to what they heard from the two candidates last night.

The Liberal Democrats managed to summarise their feelings very clear with just a single word as a spokesperson simply said: "Eurgh."

A fellow Lib Dems supporter agreed, and described the word as "way more articulate than anything either candidate said tonight."

No words, just a sound.

"Eurgh" is basically how we're all feeling about British politics at this moment.

Labour leader, Keir Starmer also shared his verdict with BBC Breakfast and slammed his political rivals: "If ever there was an example of a party that’s absolutely lost the plot, lost any sense of purpose, it was that debate last night."

"Most people will be looking at that debate saying 'they're just throwing ideas out without any sense of how they're going to deliver them' - so I'm not taking what they're saying in these debates too seriously."

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