Liz Truss's uni Lib Dem society has the perfect response to her becoming PM

Liz Truss's uni Lib Dem society has the perfect response to her becoming PM
Liz Truss calls for monarchy to be abolished in resurfaced clip

Liz Truss's old university's Liberal Democrat club has responded to her winning the Tory leadership contest - and their response says it all.

Truss beat Rishi Sunak yesterday to win control of the party after Boris Johnson resigned earlier in the summer, dogged by scandal after scandal.

Upon winning, she pledged to "deliver, deliver, deliver" for the Conservatives and for Britain, but as we all know, her loyalty hasn't always been with the Tories, and she was once a Lib Dem, if you can believe such a thing.

Yes, during her student years, at the University of Oxford, Truss campaigned for the party.

Indeed, her political debut was a speech at the 1994 conference backing a motion calling for the abolition of the monarchy. Leader Paddy Ashdown is said to have believed the party would be “finished” if the motion had passed.

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Of course, years have passed since she slagged off the Queen, who she is meeting today as part of the formalities involved in becoming PM, and she has consistently defended her right to change her mind, but it is still an interesting quirk.

That brings us to her old university, and how they reacted to her winning, simply saying "sorry", in a tweet that has since gone viral.

Whether they are apologising for being a part of her political rise, or for not keeping her in the party, we are not sure.

Either way, it is brilliant.

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