Fancy having Laurence Fox’s autograph? We can’t say we do but it is for a good cause.

London mayoral candidates are auctioning a signed manifesto booklet for charity.

The project is being spearheaded by Count Binface, which is a weird sentence to write, and he has revealed he has garnered the support of 16 out of the 20 candidates who ran for the position last week. The money raised in the auction will be donated to homelessness charity Shelter, he has said.

Those who have signed the booklet include Conservative challenger Shaun Bailey and the Green Party’s Sian Berry. Niko Omilana, the YouTuber who beat Fox, has also scrawled on the booklet.

Responding to Binface, Fox called it a “great idea”.

Meanwhile, Max Fosh – who ran against Fox and signed the booklet on results night – said it was “a great way to make some money for charity.”

And it looks like Binface will soon have 17 signatures. Returning London mayor Sadiq Khan expressed his support for the plan:

Responding to the plan, Andy Harris, director of fundraising at Shelter, said: “While Shelter remains politically neutral and does not endorse any political candidates or parties, we are grateful for donations that keep our vital work going.

“The generosity of the public and our supporters has allowed us to respond to thousands of people in crisis throughout the pandemic, and it is helping us to campaign for lasting change.  

“In London alone, more than 60,000 households are homeless and living in temporary accommodation. Every penny which helps us to be there for people is appreciated.”

When the auction will take place and how people can get involved is yet to be revealed. But indy100 has dropped Count Binface an email to get the scoop.

Until then, hype builds immeasurably.

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