Nadine Dorries’ Twitter account disappears after string of self-owns

Nadine Dorries’ Twitter account disappears after string of self-owns

Nadine DorriesTwitter account has mysteriously vanished from the depths of the internet following a string of serious memorable moments on the platform.

Where once was a bastion of weird takes and typos is now a derelict grey space, suggesting the Conservative minister has deleted her account:


Why would this happen? Well yesterday, Dorries’ take on the Dominic Cummings drama massively backfired after she made an own goal of a typo, and triggered mockery from everyone online:

And earlier this month Dorries embarked on a spot of campaigning for her party in the Hartlepool by-election and made the false claimed that Boris Johnson had created 180,000 jobs in the region. Hartlepool’s population is closer to 94,000.

She also spelled Hartlepool incorrectly and failed to mention the high rates of unemployment in Hartlepool, triggering a social media pile on. Oops.

Yeah. No idea why Dorries would want to remove her Twitter account. Not a scooby.

If she has, it is not the first time she has scrubbed her social media accounts clean. In March last year, she claimed Italian doctors had stopped intubating patients over the age of 60 who were suffering from coronavirus, causing the Italian Embassy in the UK to ask her to delete it - she did.

The embassy tweeted: “Nadine Dorries this is Fake News. We urge you to deny it immediately. Italian Health System staff have been working round the clock to save ‘all’ human lives.”

Then in May 2020, she was forced to delete a tweet resharing a doctored video of Keir Starmer, taking comments he made about grooming gang laws out of context.

Reacting to her account vanishing, people were not too upset:

Of course, we can’t be sure of what has happened and so indy100 has pinged Dorries an email to ask her why her account has vanished. We’ll let you know if she replies.

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