Nigel Farage roasted for moaning about Australia ‘controlling its border’

Nigel Farage roasted for moaning about Australia ‘controlling its border’

Nigel Farage has been duly roasted online for his outrage over Australia controlling its borders - in a twist that no one saw coming, given his anti-immigration stance and all...

The former Brexit Party leader took to Twitter to complain about tennis star Novak Djokovic not being allowed into the country due to being unvaccinated and having the wrong visa - although a judge has since overturned his visa cancellation.

Last week, when news emerged that Djokovic’s visa had been cancelled, Farage posted a link to a BBC article about the news that Australia had cancelled the tennis player’s visa, and captioned it: “Is Australia now a banana republic?”

A banana republic is a derogatory term referring to a non-democratic or politically unstable country that, economically, relies heavily on the exportation of goods, such as bananas, and is often under foreign influence with a lot of corruption.

In a bizarre turn of events, Farage is now in the Serbian capital, Belgrade after being invited to visit the Djokovic family.

During his update, he described the judge’s ruling to overturn Djokovic’s visa cancellation as a “big victory for freedom of choice, a big victory for common sense,” and also a “really big victory against the big state.”

But, it didn’t take long for many to point out to Farage that the country is simply exercising its right to control its borders – exactly what Farage himself was campaigning for the UK during the EU referendum.

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Journalist, Otto English pointed out for someone who has spent their political career arguing for the “unelected foreign bureaucrats” at the EU to “butt out”, Farage has well and truly plonked himself in the middle of a situation that has nothing to do with the UK or Farage himself.

Pundit and former footballer, Gary Lineker tweeted in response to Farage’s Belgrade video: “Great to see Farage making a stand against strong border controls. Looking forward to him doing the same here, even if he does wear a really silly hat.”

Piers Morgan responded to Farage’s “banana republic” comment last week, and wrote: “I believe it’s called ‘controlling your border’, Nigel….”

While others created some appropriate memes that perfectly sums up the situation.

Here are some more reactions from over the past week to Farage’s sudden pro-immigration stance in this case.

Let’s not forget Farage also told Andy Murray to “concentrate on the tennis” when the tennis star called him out over his hypocrisy over this matter.

You truly couldn’t make it up.

indy100 has contacted Nigel Farage’s representative for comment over his abrupt change of tune.

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