Six times Nigel Farage sucked up to Donald Trump

Kate Plummer
Tuesday 27 April 2021 14:30
With Donald Trump at a Make America Great Again rally in October 2020. Farage reportedly lost a £10,000 bet on the winner of the US election after backing President Trump to retain the White House(AFP via Getty Images)

Today Nigel Farage has heaped praise on Donald Trump once again.

The Telegraph reports that Farage told the former US president: “You’re the only guy that can do it. No-one has your charisma,” while discussing Trump’s potential third run for the presidency.

Farage also took to Twitter to talk about the fun day he had spent with Trump:

This comes as a surprise to absolutely no one. Farage has a history of looking up to Trump and often tells the media how much he loves the former commander in chief.

Here are six moments when he has done just that:

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Feeling “flattered”

In 2016, Trump suggested Farage should become the British ambassador to the United States. Simpering Farage said it came as a “bolt out of the blue” and that he was “flattered by it”.

Wearing his hat

In February 2020, Nigel Farage took to his LBC show to show off his new Donald Trump merchandise. The hat said “Keep America Great” in a twist on Trump’s original campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”. He said Trump had gifted to him during a recent visit to the White House and revealed he had given him a new Brexit 50p coin in return. Lucky!

Arizona rally speech

In October 2020, Nigel Farage spoke at a Trump rally in Arizona during his unsuccessful re-election campaign. He called him the “most resilient and brave person” he had ever met. Trump was duly not elected for a second term.

Taking a gamble

Farage bet £10,000 that Trump would win the 2020 US election, so sure he was of Trump’s political prowess. This came after Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen announced he had placed a bet on Biden winning. We all know who came out the richer from that scenario...

Attending another rally

With seemingly little else to do, Farage continued his tour of Trump rallies during the election campaign and revealed that he had never (not once) gone to a music concert when he posted this tweet:

“Go, Donald!”

Despite Trump losing the election, the rhetoric did not stop and Farage continued to celebrate his speeches.

What a bromance.