NYC mayor eats chips live on camera to promote vaccine incentive and it’s as weird as it sounds

As the US vaccine rollout has slowed and fewer people than health officials would like have taken up the Coid-19 vaccine, many states are offering incentive schemes to encourage people to get vaccinated.

In some areas, people can get free taxis to vaccination centres and some venues are offering free beer as part of a “vaccine shot and a beer” programme. In one state, vaccinated residents could win $1million.

In New York City, mayor Bill de Blasio appeared on TV and ate fries to promote the city’s new scheme with fast food company ShakeShack, which offers free food to those who have been vaccinated.

De Blasio gave an on-air demonstration as he ate fries and a burger while discussing the scheme during a daily briefing.

He said: “Free fries when you get vaccinated?” before biting into some fries and saying, “I got vaccinated” as he chewed.

He later tucked into a burger, saying: “Is it too early in the day to eat a burger? No? This could be breakfast? Ok.”

Speaking between mouthfuls, he continued: “I really want to respect all ways of life, but if this is appealing to you, just think of this when you think of vaccination”.

The bizarre clip was posted on Twitter and gained traction, not for the programme but, because people found the whole thing weirdly fascinating.

One person wrote: “Eating on camera is an absolutely not.” Meanwhile, another said: “Watched this a few more times. It’s the least human thing I’ve ever seen.”

Others thought it was ironic that the programme would offer people unhealthy junk food after having the vaccine, particularly as being overweight is a risk factor for Covid-19.

Whatever gets people vaccinated, we guess...

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