Right wing Congressional hopeful says gay character in Cruella has ‘ruined’ his childhood – and gets roasted




An Americanpolitician’ has been left devastated after a film decided to feature a gay character.

Omar Navarro posted a scathing review of Cruella – the new 101 Dalmatians prequel – on Twitter yesterday, because the film features a gay character called Artie, played by John McCrea.

Speaking to Attitude, McCrea said of his character, who runs a vintage shop and befriends Cruella: “In one of the original scripts he was a drag queen, so I think he was always intended to be queer-representing I suppose, or somehow a member of the LGBTQ community. I imagine that was always the case.”

Navarro positively frothed about this:

Navarro is standing for Congress in California for the fourth time after three defeats by the incumbent Maxine Waters. He has been accused of pepper spraying children (which he denied) and also got into trouble when he posted a fraudulent letter on his Twitter account that indicated Waters wanted to resettle tens of thousands of refugees into her Los Angeles district.

He also served six months in prison after violating a restraining order against an ex-girlfriend, who claimed he was stalking her. Nice guy, then.

And it is not the first time he has been upset with Disney. According to Pink News, he came for the Disney Channel show The Owl House in 2019 after it introduced a bisexual character.

“I don’t agree with this crap being pushed down our throats,” he wrote, using similar language. “What people do at home is there business but publicly I shouldn’t have to be forced.” He added, “Will Christians please stand up?”

Reacting to his latest rant, people were quick to put him in his place:

Poor Navarro. We hope no-one tells the fan theories about Captain Hook...

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