A public inquiry into Brexit will now be considered by parliament

A public inquiry into Brexit will now be considered by parliament
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A petition that has called for a public inquiry in to Brexit will be considered by Parliament for debate after reaching the threshold of 100,000 signatures.

It was created by Peter Nigel Packham who runs a Remainer Facebook page, and the petition has now 101,697 signatures at the time of writing.

The petition outlines its request for the government to "assess the impact that Brexit has had on this country and its citizens," and believes "The benefits that were promised if the UK exited the European Union have not been delivered."

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"It is time that the people of this country were told the truth about Brexit, good or bad," it continued.

"We deserve to know how Brexit is impacting on trade, the economy, opportunities for young people and how it has affected the rights of individuals.

"This can only be done by an independent Public Inquiry, free from ideology and the opinions of vested interests."

When a petition gets more than 10,000 signatures, the government responds and on December 5 last year it said in regards to this particular petition:

"The UK’s departure from the EU was a democratic choice and the UK-EU institutions are functioning as intended. The Government does not believe this to be an appropriate subject for a public inquiry."

Last year, YouGov reported that 56 per cent of the public regret voting for Brexit, with 32 per cent still in favour, while similarly stats in a GB News poll on the issue showed 55 per cent of their viewers would now back Remain.

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