Jaguar Land Rover CEO on car manufacturing in the UK after Brexit

The new prime minister is reportedly set to get a German car, despite Brexit.

The Sun reports that whoever becomes the PM, who will obviously get quite a bit of security, will next year switch to bulletproof Audi A8s after Jaguar paused production because of a fall in orders during the pandemic.

The publication reports people are unhappy with the decision, and allege one minister blamed “anti-Brexit bureaucrats hiding behind a value-for-money smokescreen” for the decision.

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But a No10 source reportedly told the publication: “The Government Car Service only use British manufactured cars and there are no plans to move away from championing British industry.

“Any decisions on changing vehicles for ministers would be a decision for the Met and factor in any wider security concerns.”

Regardless, the Brexit irony was not lost on people who found it amusing and equally, Brexiteers got their knickers in a twist and took to social media to moan about the story:

indy100 has contacted Downing Street to comment on this story.

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