Republican candidate claims that there aren't any pronouns in the Bible - is instantly proven wrong

Republican candidate claims that there aren't any pronouns in the Bible - is instantly proven wrong
Ted Cruz says his pronouns are 'kiss my ass'
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A Republican congressional candidate for Florida has been instantly proven wrong after claiming that there aren’t any pronouns in the bible or the US constitution.

Lavern Spicer posted after the Vice President, Kamala Harris, listed her pronouns at the start of a meeting attended by blind people while discussing the impact of Roe V Wade on disabled community.

In a tweet which now appears to have been deleted, Spicer incorrectly claimed that the bible contained no pronouns.

Spicer responded to Harris by writing: “I am Lavern Spicer, my pronouns are “KISS MY BLACK ASS,” and I am a woman who is sick of virtue signalling leftist like [Karmala Harris]. Go call Willie Brown and leave America alone, woman.”

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She added: “There are no pronouns in the Bible.”

The tweet prompted a backlash online, with people more than happy to point out the pronouns that actually do feature in the bible.

Spicer was quickly proven wrongLavern Spicer/Twitter

One wrote: “Thou Thee Thy Thine You Ye I We Themselves Ourselves It Its Us They Them She His Him He Her (x2)… Other than that you’re spot on, you f****** moron.”

Harris also claimed that “There are no pronouns in the Constitution.”

As people were quick to point out, the very first word of the constitution is a pronoun.

“We is the first word and a pronoun,” one wrote. “He is a pronoun that appears 28 times in the Constitution. Maybe it's time you look up WTF a pronoun is.”

Another perfectly normal day in US political discourse.

The Republican candidate faced criticism online for her commentsLavern Spicer

It’s not the first time Spencer has courted controversy. She was recently criticised after politicising a tragic shooting in Denmark, which saw a gunman kill three people and left three others in a critical condition when he opened fire in a Copenhagen shopping centre.

It is illegal for members of the public to possess a firearm in Denmark, with the exception of individuals who hold hunting licenses.

Spicer wrote at the time: “Shooting in Copenhagen, Denmark, where guns are BANNED? Oooooh child I can’t wait for the Left to explain how that happened!

“My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims. I truly hate gun violence and I hate the evil people who wish to disarm the general public and keep them unsafe.”

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