Rishi Sunak ridiculed after declaring Brits are better at spending their money than the government is

Rishi Sunak ridiculed after declaring Brits are better at spending their money than the government is
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Rishi Sunak's latest tweet to inspire voters didn't exactly go to plan as social media users were quick to mock his statement on spending.

The prime minister took to X, formerly Twitter on Tuesday (June 11) where he wrote: "You will always be better at spending your own money than the government is"

His post comes following the Tories' manifesto launch where Sunak pledged to introduce £17 billion of tax cuts if he wins the upcoming general election on July 4.

While Sunak seemingly wanted to reflect this sentiment online, the post quickly gained over 16.3m views as people ridiculed the PM's comment, questioning what message he was trying to get across to voters and at the same time jesting at the notion of paying for government services as individuals.

Others also noted the government's record on spending, especially during the Covid pandemic when £4 billion was spent on unusable PPE equipment.

According to Best for Britain's scandalous spending tracker, the government has "spent wastefully" a whopping £130 billion of taxpayer money since the last election in 2019.

While others decided to prove Sunak's statement wrong by sharing what they spend their money on.

Elsewhere, this isn't the only thing Sunak is getting mocked for as they have been a number of memes in reaction to him saying he went without "lots of things" as a child including "Sky TV."

"Like lots of people, there'll be all sorts of things I would have wanted as a kid that I couldn't have, famously Sky TV, that was something that we never had growing up actually," Sunak told ITV's Tonight Programme.

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