Rishi Sunak jokes about people complimenting his ‘tan’ in opening for Tory ...

Rishi Sunak has made us cringe again, and this time it is because of his language skills.

Addressing Welsh conservatives during the latest leadership hustings in Cardiff, the former chancellor spoke in Welsh to show he is a man of all people in the UK and it has made social media unhappy.

He bleated: "noswaith dda Welsh conservatives" - meaning "good evening Welsh Conservatives" - before looking incredibly chuffed with himself and saying "yep", with the air of someone who thinks they've completely nailed it.

While he got it right, it was a bit try hard so he has sparked inevitable David Brent comparisons.

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It comes as he and Liz Truss go head to head around the UK pitching themselves to members of the Tory party ahead of the leadership vote on 5th September.

During these hustings, Truss attacked Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford as a “low energy version of Jeremy Corbyn” and Labour leader Keir Starmer as a “plastic patriot”, while Sunak pitched himself as "loyal, honest and hard-working". (We're not sure Boris Johnson would agree he's loyal...)or sure Boris Johnson would agree he's loyal...)

Meanwhile, it is not the first time Sunak has embodied The Office character and if you don't believe us take this "who said it, Sunak or Brent" quiz - it is surprisingly tricky.

We've got a whole summer of this, folks!

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