8 times Rishi Sunak has banged on about his parent's jobs

8 times Rishi Sunak has banged on about his parent's jobs
Rishi Sunak visits his family's old pharmacy in Southampton

You may not know it, but Rishi Sunak's mother ran a pharmacy and his father was a GP.

Of course you know it - he bangs on about it at every moment, perhaps as a way to look relatable to the general public despite having one of the least relatable bank balances going.

He's spoken about it while he was the chancellor during Covid, while running for leader of the Tory party and at just about every opportunity in between.

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Fancy a highlight reel? Stick with us for a run down of some of the times Sunak has brought up his family history.

1. On his website

Sunak doesn't shy away from his family's professions on his website. Instead, he writes about how his parents inspired him to pursue a career in politics.

"I grew up watching my parents serve our local community with dedication," the website says. "My dad was an NHS family GP and my mum ran her own local chemist shop. I wanted to make that same positive difference to people as their Member of Parliament".

2. When he prepared John Lewis for the post Covid world

When he was chancellor, Sunak even managed to shoehorn his parent's profession into the reopening of the retail sector during Covid, if you can believe it.

3. While running for Tory leader online

A couple of years later, Sunak quit as chancellor, contributing to Boris Johnson's resignation as PM and duly ran as PM himself, against Liz Truss...

On social media he referenced his parent's backgrounds again and again to appeal to voters.

4. During hustings

As well as posting online about his background, Sunak spoke about it in speeches to Tory members, his words becoming a refrain to tired journalists doomed to cover it.

5. When he visited his mother's old pharmacy

Then he took things one step further when he went to Southampton in August, during the leadership campaign, and paid a visit to his mum's old work.

“[The pharmacy] shaped me to being the person I am today, these are my roots and it is those values that I want to bring to government,” Sunak said.

6. During his private healthcare row

Then he became PM. If you thought that meant Sunak would stop banging on about his parents, you would have been wrong.

At the beginning of this year, Sunak faced scrutiny about whether he did or did not use private healthcare.

Initially, he refused to confirm or deny his medical arrangements, instead telling the BBC healthcare was "something that is private", adding he "grew up in an NHS family", with a dad who was GP, and a mum who was a pharmacist.

He later said he was registered with an NHS GP but said he had used private healthcare in the past.

7. When he went to Boots

It didn't stop there. Last month, the prime minister went to Boots, as you do, and while there he couldn't resist the social media opportunity and to remind everyone that his, you guessed it, mother had a pharmacy and his father worked as a GP.

8. When his visited his mother's old pharmacy... again

Then in May, Sunak popped to Southampton again, this time to announce new plans to allow pharmacists to issue prescriptions for a string of common ailments.

As well as getting in trouble for taking a helicopter to the destination, despite it being easily accessible by train, Sunak bored everyone again about his parents.

He told the Daily Mail the issue was "personal to me", adding: "My dad was a GP, my mum was a pharmacist. I grew up working for my mum – I worked in her pharmacy for years. And so I saw first-hand how powerful the connection that she had with her patients was, how much they trusted their trusted her but more generally how much people trust their local pharmacist.

"So it's really personal to me, and that's why what we're announcing today empowers patients so that they can get more services from pharmacists, but it also is a massive vote of confidence in our community pharmacies."

If the above is anything to go by, it is pretty clear Sunak loves talking about his mother and father's respective jobs. So much so, that people on social media have picked up on it. And as usual, they have taken precisely no prisoners.

Does anyone know what Sunak's parents do for a living? Anyone?

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