Rory Stewart says it's 'very disturbing' that Boris Johnson was ever elected

Boris Johnson has entered the subconscious of one of his most vocal critics - Rory Stewart.

The former Tory minister revealed on his podcast The Rest is Politics, which he co-hosts with Alistair Campbell, that he has been dreaming about the PM, despite seeing him "as a monstrous fairytale figure".

"The reason I've been dreaming about him is weirdly, although I have an incredibly moral dislike of this man, I find him the most disturbing human being, I see him almost as a monstrous fairytale figure, but I'm beginning to feel weirdly in my dreams sorry for him," he explained.

"I'm beginning to sense both on how some level I think he must be very unhappy, but also he is being destroyed. People are circling and I think he doesn't have long to go."

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The pair were discussing Emmanuel Macron's victory in France against Marine Le Pen and whether Stewart had seen any parallels in terms of resisting "populism" when he was fighting for leadership of the Tory party in 2019 against Johnson.

Stewart said that this was "relevant" and that he thought Johnson would may soon face a leadership challenge if the party performs badly in the upcoming local elections.

Until then, it is time Stewart finds something else to dream about - for his sake.

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